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Register your business with Make it Marlborough today and join other local businesses on our exclusively Marlborough Business & Community Group Directory.

We’re all for celebrating Marlborough businesses who are walking the talk when it comes to supporting local.

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Meet your locals

Marlborough is a region brimming with individuals, businesses and community groups worth celebrating. Let’s introduce you to a few . . . meet your locals, Marlborough.

The Make it Marlborough School challenge

We are asking local schools to be part of the ‘Make it Marlborough School Challenge’ to make the M of our symbol in some way. It can be BIG or it can be SMALL, it can be colourful, it can be CRAZY. We’ll come to record every school’s effort and share it with our community. Email us here if you want to be involved.

Picton School and their giant M

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Come on Marlborough, join the team

Let’s dream together

Our province with its beautiful natural environment allows us to be inspired. We are curious, we are innovative and we adapt when we need to. We are ready to imagine what Marlborough can be.

Let’s work together

We’re up for this Marlborough. We do work together, support each other and aspire for better outcomes. Here’s your chance to walk the talk, together.

Let’s make it happen

We value our people, our products and our stories. There is no better time for us to demonstrate that. Let’s show that with every chance we get.

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