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Strategic planning and thinking helps the region’s businesses stay focused and aligned. Find out more about the key strategies and programmes that support our local economy.


Marlborough Economic Wellbeing Strategy 2022 – 2032 >>

The Economic Wellbeing Strategy is Marlborough's vision for a thriving economy balanced with a flourishing environment and vibrant communities. It was created in collaboration with  industry sectors, Marlborough Regional Skills and Leadership Group, investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors.

Marlborough Regional Workforce Plan 2023 >>

A refresh of the 2022 plan, led by the Marlborough Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) to provide a strong regional voice on workforce issues.

Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy >>

A long-term economic development strategy for the Top of the South, incorporating the Marlborough and Nelson-Tasman Districts and led by Wakatū Incorporation.

Marlborough Destination Management Plan >>

The Marlborough Destination Management Plan seeks to layout a clear and collaborative future path forward for the local community and visitor industry.

Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan >> 

Industry Transformation Plans >>

The New Zealand Government's Aquaculture Strategy >>

Marlborough Arts, Culture and Heritage >>

Screen Sector Review >>

Relationships with tangata whenua >>

Waste Management & Minimisation Plan
2021-2027 >> 


Our region is currently collaborating on the following programmes.

Marlborough Smart + Connected 

Smart + Connected is an innovative economic and community development approach that fosters connections, influences how the Marlborough District Council works with industries and communities, harnesses people and industries’ strengths, and promotes partnership. 

There are several Smart + Connected Industry Groups established which provide support and opportunities for collaboration.

Smart + Connected Labour & Skills Industry Group 

The Labour and Skills Industry Group’s role is to connect relevant organisations from the private sector, central government departments, RSLG, industry training organisations and the education sector, to develop and implement potential strategies to address Marlborough's rising labour and skills shortage. 

Smart + Connected Aquaculture Industry Group 

The Aquaculture Industry Group is primarily member-driven. Its Value and Innovation Working Group facilitates industry research and innovation, value addition and diversification. The Harmony Working Group is engaged in community consultation, the promotion of seafood consumption and the management of the industry's social and environmental footprint. 

Smart + Connected Forestry & Wood Processing Industry Group 

The Forest & Wood Processing Industry Group has a Steering Group and two Working Groups. The Working Group focus is on developing a positive industry reputation and domestic value addition. It includes industry representatives, local landowners, transportation providers, the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, Marlborough Roads and Port Marlborough.

Smart + Connected Aerospace Industry Group

The Aerospace Industry Group’s shared priorities are low emission leadership, unlocking the potential of Marlborough Airport, lifting awareness of Marlborough as Aerospace training hub and celebrating the region’s unique aviation visitor experiences. A number of collaborative opportunities have been identified and are being worked on.

Upcoming Programmes

Smart + Connected is just one great example of how Marlborough’s business community collaborates to support and challenge each other to aspire for better outcomes for the region. 

These programmes are under development: 

  • Smart + Connected Marlborough Circular Wine Group
  • Marlborough Food Collective

The following initiatives are also key in the region:

  • Te Hoiere/Pelorus Catchment Restoration Project
  • Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards
  • Marlborough TechWeek 
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