Our Team

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Marlborough District Council’s Economic Development Team drives economic programmes that help unlock Marlborough’s economic potential and create a thriving economy balanced with a flourishing environment.

Our Vision for Marlborough

Our vision is for ‘a thriving economy balanced with a flourishing environment and vibrant communities.’ 

We have three overarching goals for the region. 

  1. Be a recognised leader for agritech solutions in Australasia.
  2. Accelerate cross-collaboration to drive efficiency and productivity through technology and innovation.
  3. Tell the Marlborough story to attract investment, businesses and talent to the region. 

What do we do?

Under the working name ‘Innovate Marlborough’ the team is spearheading an ambitious agenda for innovation and transformation across Marlborough’s industry sectors. This involves implementing tech and innovation programmes as well as supporting collaboration programmes that tackle industry problems, such as climate change, resilience, waste and carbon-reduction and sustainability.

Innovate Marlborough engages widely with Marlborough’s impactful economic sectors and our work programme is laid out in the inaugural Marlborough Economic Wellbeing Strategy 2022–2032.

Our people