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Marlborough is fortunate to have an economy boosted by international investment, global corporates, and one of the most active regional angel investor groups in the country.

Investing in Marlborough makes business sense

Our region is home to highly talented and acclaimed world citizens who make Marlborough their place of choice to work and live. 

Angel investor network 

Marlborough has an active and supportive angel investor network – Angel Investors Marlborough.

Angel Investors Marlborough offers numerous investable opportunities for start-ups providing great returns. The group was established in 2017 and has a strong focus and support for agritech and well over $25 million already invested in start-ups. 

Visit Angel Investors Marlborough to find out more about becoming a Marlborough Angel. 

Investment opportunities 

Brand ‘Marlborough’ is recognised globally for premium wine.  

International names in the wine industry are well represented including Pernod Ricard, LVMH, Lion Nathan, Antinori and Gallo, as well as respected international family-owned operations. 

Beyond wine there are many other exciting opportunities for business, investment, and research partnerships in Marlborough. 

As an example, Sanford’s Innovation team is based at Sanford Bioactives, a private enterprise investment in marine innovation for food, aquaculture and fisheries. 

Marlborough has its own airline, Sounds Air, as well as engineering operations for Airbus. 

These large organisations are interested and ready to invest in agritech solutions, robotics, artificial intelligence, monitoring tools, and data projects. Marlborough is the ideal testing ground with its established industries and its accessibility to customers and markets.  

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Government investment

Central Government has also sought out investments in Marlborough, including infrastructure to support the arts, science, commerce, and education sectors. These investments include:

Similar support has been provided to transport systems in Marlborough. One of Aotearoa New Zealand’s high-profile transport projects is the Port Marlborough/Kiwi Rail iReX project. This includes a new Picton Ferry Terminal for larger, more fuel-efficient ferries.

International mindset

There is a strong sense of international entrepreneurship with a focus on exports. This is supported by frequent connections to all regions in New Zealand through two airports (big city centres are only a short flight away) and international shipping connections via Port Marlborough. 

Locally based international talent provides great prospects for overseas companies looking for Marlborough partnerships to enhance their offering. 

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