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Mt Fishtail

Take a day walk or multi day walk and hike up 1643 m to the top of Mt Fishtail and expect an amazing 360 degree view.

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This climb is not for the faint of heart but promises both physical adventure and visual splendor. It's an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to push their limits while being rewarded with stunning views of Marlborough's diverse landscapes, from vineyards to water bodies, all set against the backdrop of lush greenery.

Walk 40 minutes, 2km, to the Pine Valley Hut Site. From here walk 5 hours, 7km, up to the Fishtail Hut. Continue to the Mt Fishtail summit, 1 hour. On the way back down have the choice of staying at Fishtail Hut or conintuing down 5 hours 40 minutes back to the start. 

This is an ideal walk for those that have a whole day or a couple of days. 


40mins - 5hr, 40mins




5 km north of Renwick, just over the Wairau River bridge, turn off SH6 onto Northbank Road. Follow this for 25 km then turn into Pine Valley Road and follow this to the end.


Fishtail Hut provides four bunk beds, mattresses, toilets - non-flush, water from the tap - not treated (Boil before use).


Weather - Bad weather can occur at anytime so travel prepared with extra waterproof and warm clothing. Carry extra food and be aware of snow and wind hazards. Ensure you have enough experience and someone knows your intentions of your walk. Tip - fill in the hut books.

In flood rivers and streams can be impassable, please wait until these flood waters recede.

Wasps - From December until April wasps appear to be a more frequent visitor. Carry antihistamine if you are allergic to their stings.

Drinking water - Water should be carried. There is a creek at the bottom however, as you continue up it becomes scarce especially on the warmer days. The purity of this water can't be guaranteed. Recommended to Boil, filter or chemically treat it.

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