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The support of the Marlborough community helped propel locally made feature film Northspur to international success.

Set in a post-apocalyptic New Zealand, the action drama was filmed almost entirely in Marlborough and was written by Nelson-based screenwriter Justin Eade and directed by Marlborough’s Aaron Falvey. 

The story originated as an idea from Falvey about the violent and lawless aftermath of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack. 

Actor Josh McKenzie as Kellan (Girl vs Boy and Filthy Rich) is forced to search for life-saving drugs for his injured wife (Step Dave's Delaney Tabron) and happens across Summers (played by the late veteran New Zealand actor Marshall Napier of Came a Hot Friday fame). Ornery old man Summers strikes a deal to help Kellan get the medicine he needs in exchange for defending his farm for one week against all comers. 

Those involved with the project say they found Marlborough’s community spirit and scenery “inspiring” and the film’s creators had fantastic support from the Marlborough community with many people even volunteering their skills for the project. 

Falvey and Eade continue to collaborate across Te Tauihu (Top of the South) and are working on a new project, A Special Force, using the recently established Sawmill Studios in Blenheim. This is planned to be filmed in 2024. Together they hope to keep making funded feature film projects and establish something of an industry in the Top of the South. 

Northspur is a great example of a grassroots film project from within Marlborough created by passionate people. Aaron has been instrumental for the Top of the South Film Festival and dreams big when it comes to Marlborough and film. He and Justin have made many short movies that have been winning awards all around the world and these provide a great opportunity to build reputation and screen skills amongst talent in Marlborough," says Screen Marlborough Manager Dorien Vermaas.

Why Marlborough?

"Marlborough is the best location in New Zealand to film! It is such a diverse region as far as variety of landscape goes and it fully complemented the world of our film Northspur. The long sunshine hours meant we could shoot for extended periods of time. The Marlborough community was very accommodating of our film and we received lots of support. Can't wait to shoot our next feature film here!”

Aaron Falvey – Director
Source: NZ On Screen 

Cinematographer gets ready on the set of Northspur

“[I’d take] any excuse to get back to the area. There’s a type of light that I think you only really get in that part of the world, that made the early rises and late nights all worth it. Thankfully, we were shooting at beautiful locations, so it felt like I was always exploring the area. And the people. Working with a lot of locals, some of which were volunteering. The community mentality of the area was really inspiring.”

Josh McKenzie – Actor 
Source: NZ On Screen 

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