Weddings at Woodend Gardens & Vineyard

A superb garden setting for weddings, special occasions and photo shoots.

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A remarkable wisteria covered pergola leads to an open, paved, timber pavilion, providing perfect shelter for invited guests. The formal wedding venue is a large lawn with mature cherry blossom trees that form an aisle leading to the fountain focal point. This spacious area is bordered with buxus, camellia and liquidambar trees. Spring is a spectacular season in the garden with the wisteria and many different bulbs and iris in flower followed by camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and clematis. As summer approaches the rose beds bloom along with hydrangeas and heuchera. From spring through to autumn, Woodend Gardens are a superb private garden to host weddings, special occasions and offer superb scenery for photos.

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151 Rowley Cres, Grovetown
151 Rowley Cres, Grovetown
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