St Omer Hide Away

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Off-the-grid private home with beautiful views of St Omer Bay. Accessible by car from Havelock, by boat/water taxi from Havelock or Te Mahia (or anywhere in the Sounds) or by plane from Nelson or Wellington. Solar and a refrigerator starting April 2020. St. Omer's Hideout is 3 hours by car from Nelson, 2 hours by car (or a 25-minute boat ride) from Havelock. Or take the ferry over from Wellington to Picton, then drive the rest of the way. See this post on our blog for more information.  Two of the bedrooms—one with a queen-size bed and one with a full— present show-stopping views of St. Omer Bay and Kenepuru Sound and balcony access. The third bedroom is kid-friendly with bunk beds and no balcony or water view. The shared bath, in typical New Zealand style, features a toilet (water closet) in one room and a sink and shower in a separate room.  Photos get you part of the way to understanding how dazzling the view is, but seeing it in person is a whole other story. Spend a few hours on the wraparound deck with a glass of local wine, blue skies above and jewel-tone water below, and you’ll be made new.   Open the retractable patio doors in the living area and let in the fresh morning breeze. Brew a French press coffee and cook up some local eggs in the modern kitchen. Side note: There are no stores or fuel stations in Kenepuru Sound, so you’ll want to stock up on groceries before you get here (or have them delivered). We provide some dry goods including paper towels and toilet tissue, but you may wish to bring some with you just in case. Despite the home's remote location, there is a surprising number of things to do nearby. Sightseeing by water taxi. Mussel farm tours. Exploratory trips on the Mailboat. Sailing charters. Kayaking, fishing, biking (and many other verbs). Hiking the Queen Charlotte Track. Golf at Nopera. Sunset on the balcony. But if you miss it, don't worry—the sunrises are equally awe-inspiring and will be waiting for you in the morning. 
  • A 4WD vehicle is required to get up the driveway. You can also park at the bottom of the driveway and walk up with your bags… but again
  • it’s quite steep.
As products/offers may change without notice please contact this business for any queries related to their compliance with New Zealand’s Health and Safety and regulatory requirements.
Postal Address
1 St Omer Road
1 St Omer Road