Green Caravan Cafe @ Anakiwa 401

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Open every afternoon from 1.30pm from late October to the end of April, the Green Caravan serves delicious espresso coffee and has a great selection of ice-creams, cold drinks and snacks. The Green Caravan Cafe is a welcome sight to those walkers and bikers finishing their experience on the Queen Charlotte Track in Anakiwa - whilst waiting for the water taxi, you can celebrate with a treat. A short walk to Davies Bay with the family for a picnic or swim can then be rewarded with an ice-cream for the kids and coffee for the grown ups.

  • Coffee
  • Cold Drinks
  • Ice-creams
  • Snacks
  • Beach
  • Bush
  • Swim off jetty
As products/offers may change without notice please contact this business for any queries related to their compliance with New Zealand’s Health and Safety and regulatory requirements.
401, Anakiwa Road, RD 1, PICTON 7281