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Welcome to Eva Pemper Wines. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know a little bit more about me and give you an idea about what the “Eva Pemper” brand story is all about. About Eva Pemper I am a Croatian living in NZ. I came to New Zealand in 2012 following my dream to travel, meet people and make wine around the world. I absolutely fell in love with New Zealand and New Zealand wines, people and places. I hold a master’s degree in winemaking from Agriculture University in Zagreb, Croatia and a Graduate Diploma in Oenology from EIT, Hawke’s Bay. This has given me a deep understanding of winemaking practices from very different parts of the world that I draw on in my winemaking. I come from a winemaking family, so I didn’t have to go far for my inspiration to be a part of something as wonderful as the world of wine. My parents are my inspiration. They are very talented and passionate winemakers. Their love for crafting wine immersed me, on a daily basis, in something that sparked a passion in me and led me to the path I am on now. My parents started making wine in a garage with nothing but a strong belief and deep faith that this is what they should be doing. It was hard during the period of war in Croatia, but my family didn’t give up and the business survived. As a family we are all proud of what we achieved in those extremely difficult times, making wine in a war zone is no easy thing! I treasure my family’s inspiration to work for something so interesting, challenging and amazing as making wine. Now, here I am on the other side of the world, committed to continuing my family’s legacy and sharing our story. Grapes for my wines come from a vineyard in Marlborough on the beautiful north-facing Wither Hills. The “Eva Pemper” brand is a product of many wonderful things that came together and became one. Continuing my family’s legacy and sharing our story on the other side of the world is the core of my wines.

As products/offers may change without notice please contact this business for any queries related to their compliance with New Zealand’s Health and Safety and regulatory requirements.
Postal Address
6A Brian Bary Street, Redwoodtown, 7201 Blenheim
6A Brian Bary Street, Redwoodtown, 7201 Blenheim