Edwin Fox Ship and Visitor Centre

The Edwin Fox Ship is a fantastic piece of world hheritage, lovingly preserved over the last 30 years and sits in dry dock here in Picton for all to enjoy.

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The Edwin Fox Ship and Visitor Centre is a fantastic piece of New Zealand and world heritage! The last surviving convict ship that took convicts to Australia and the oldest surviving merchant ship left in the world! Bought for a shilling in 1965 and now preserved for future generations. Come view this incredible ship; we are child-friendly and a great all-weather activity.

Please note the ship is undergoing the next phase of the preservation project and there is no access to the ship at this time, but you can get on the gangplank and see into the dock and get close to it, please take as many photos as you like.

The museum tells the story of the ship and we have new research available too. Ask staff about the exciting new preservation project which will ensure the ship is here for future generations.

Open every day (except Christmas Day) from 9am, with a small entrance fee.

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