Cranky Goat Ltd


Cranky Goat Ltd is a family owned artisan cheese company based in the beautiful Marlborough Sound. Using the milk from a neighboring farm Cranky Goat are able to create unique cheeses using traditional methods and recipes. Working alongside some of Marlborough & Nelson's local businesses we are able to create one of a kind cheeses such as the delicious Cullensville Gold washed in Lake Chalice Sauvignon Blanc every other day for two weeks. You can find us at the boutique stores around marlborough such as BV Gourmet and Wine Station well as the Marlborough Farmers Market each sunday.

As products/offers may change without notice please contact this business for any queries related to their compliance with New Zealand’s Health and Safety and regulatory requirements.
Postal Address
948 queen charlotte drive, rd1, picton 7281
948 queen charlotte drive, rd1, picton 7281