Brayshaw Heritage Park

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Brayshaw Heritage Park is dedicated to the collection, restoration and display of Marlborough’s heritage. Inspired by the late Norman Brayshaw it houses a collection of Marlboroughs original buildings and memorabilia as well as being the location of many of Marlboroughs heritage clubs with their displays and working exhibits. These include the Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Club, Marlborough Vintage Car Club, Marlborough Riverside Railways, Marlborough Associated Modellers Society, Marlborough Guild of Woodworkers plus other Societies. An ideal place to wander through yesteryear and enjoy a family picnic.
  • Heritage
  • original buildings
  • vehicles
  • machinery
  • working diplays
  • wheelchair access
  • toilets
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Postal Address
26 Arthur Baker Place, Redwoodtown, Blenheim 7201
26 Arthur Baker Place, Redwoodtown, Blenheim 7201