Bhudevi Garden & Accommodation

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Bhudevi (Sanskrit for “Earth Goddess” or “Mother Earth”) is an eight hectare property with a large modern home, an organic sauvignon blanc vineyard, and 1.5 hectares of formal and native gardens along a wide spring creek. Designed by Modern Architectural Partners of Christchurch, the home was completed in 2005 and has commanding views of the Richmond Range and Wither Hills. It is surrounded by gardens established since 2009. There is a native garden along the creek, a secluded rock and fern garden, and an elevated garden with views overlooking the vineyards across to the Richmond range. The native garden has many sheltered and open seating areas for enjoying the birdsong, the plants, and the outdoor sculptures. Adjacent to the house are smaller garden rooms inspired by formal designs. A citrus garden, bordered by a myrtle hedge, features a pavilion for sitting, enclosed in wisteria. A small hydrangea garden acts as an extension to the glassed library at the west end of the main house. A delightful potager near the creek features large raised beds and espalier apple trees, and an abundance of vegetables and flowers. Vines and creepers soften the modern architecture in the large courtyard connecting the main house and the coach house, with two guest suites. Monumental Indian sculpture of the 7th-15th centuries appears both in the courtyard and in the outdoor sculpture garden, as well as along the creek’s native garden. The feel of the garden is one of peace and immersion in nature. To arrange a garden visit or to learn more about Bhudevi, please email:
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