Arapawa Seafarms - Blue Pearl Farm Tours

Enjoy a 90 minute tour with us and learn how our beautiful paua produce extraordinary Arapawa Blue Pearls.

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For over 20 years we have been continually growing, farming, breeding and reseeding New Zealand Abalone (Haliotis iris or Paua).

Throughout the years we have learned, through trial and error how to successfully spawn (breed) wild Paua, grow larvae, and release juveniles back into the wild to replace/increase wild stocks. Along with our reseeding project we also grow Haliotis iris pearls, also known as blue or Paua pearls. These pearls are in a high demand, because their beauty and unique colours, for jewellery.

We offer tours throughout our facilities where you can feed the Paua, watch a short video in the comfort of our home along with a cup of tea or coffee and some home baking. Additionally we can show you our pet Long-fined eels as you depart the property. We can answer any questions you may have. 

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Private Bag 406 Whekenui Picton