4WD Molesworth Station Tagalong Tour

  • Line_up_at_Upcot_Shearers_quarters
  • Morning_tea_at_Grey_River_Hut
  • Making_a_splash_near_St_James_Station
  • Lunch_at_Upcot_Homestead
  • Viewing_surounding_area_from_Schooner_Plateau
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Bring your own 4WD vehicle to enjoy an off-the-beaten-track four-day driving adventure.

Stay on a high country station, drive on four private farms as well as Molesworth and Rainbow Stations. Meet local farmers and enjoy fabulous hospitality. Follow our dynamic team leader and vehicle to drive on four private farms in the Awatere Valley as well as access to Molesworth and Rainbow Stations.

The tour is designed to be enjoyed by couples with lots of interesting places and people to meet along the way. Places to experience include a high country farm overlooking the east coast of Marlborough, a Cobb cottage tea house experience, a private homestead visit for lunch with expansive views from the sea to the mountains and an escorted tour of their farm.

Enjoy staying on a high country sheep and beef station for two nights in comfortable shearer’s accommodation and spend a day tagging along with the station owner over all his backcountry farm tracks for amazing views seen by few. More back country gems include Molesworth Station with its rich history, Lake Tennyson, Tarndale Lakes, and the rugged Rainbow Station.

Enjoy a stay in Hanmer Springs with dinner and time to relax in the thermal pools. You will be given a full commentary along the route via two-way radios so you can chat with your guide at any time.

A bonus of joining a tour with our company is that you will be guaranteed access through Molesworth and Rainbow Stations regardless of any public restrictions that could be in place.

  • Two way radios provided
  • full tour maps
  • tour lead vehicle to follow
  • includes all meals and three nights accommodation
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65 Willowside Place Amberley 7410