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Marlborough Sounds Wildlife Recovery Centre

Lochmara Lodge’s Wildlife Recovery Centre in the Marlborough Sounds near Picton is focused on the rehabilitation of injured wild species, in partnership with the Department of Conservation, as well protection, enhancement and education.

  • Rlochmara Lodge Kune Kune Pig Feeding (3)
  • Rlochmara Lodge Stingray
  • Rlochmara Lodge Kakariki Feeding (4)
  • Rlochmara Lodge Underwater Observatory (3)

Go for a self guided nature walk behind the lodge to come face to face with kune kune pigs, weta, gecko and eels, or to help feed the kakariki in the aviary, which are part of a breeding programme.

Lochmara Lodge also breed kakariki for educational purposes and release into predator-free environments. Make sure you’re there at feeding time for the chance to get up close. While you are at Lochmara, make sure to check out their underwater observatory! Lochmara's passionate guides are fully qualified Marine Biologist and Zoologist educators.

Some of the species you may see during the tour are carpet sharks, stingrays, crayfish, blue cod, tarakihi, conga eels and diving shags. What you see can be affected by several variables including the time of year and presence of predators such as Orca.

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