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Walk Torea Saddle to Mistletoe Bay

Follow the ridge line again, through regenerating native bush. Take a side walk leads to the Onahau Lookout just before the descent to Te Mahia Saddle begins.


Drop down to Lochmara Lodge for a treat, taking time to rock in a hammock, leap off a rope-swing into the sea, and enjoy some sustenance at the seaside restaurant.

Further on you’ll come to Mistletoe Bay, where the Mistletoe Bay Eco Village has whare, campsites and a café at the edge of the water. There are some short walks to explore here as well.

As parts of this section cross over private land, you'll need to purchase a QCTLC Pass from the Picton, Blenheim or Havelock isite Visitor Information centres beforehand.


Distance: 8km
Approx Time: 4 hrs

Water Taxi Points

Torea  Bay, Lochmara Bay, Mistletoe Bay, Waterfall Bay


Mistletoe Bay Eco Village, Cowshed Bay campsite (DOC)


Cowshed Bay campsite, Torea Saddle, Te Mahia Saddle, Mistletoe Bay Eco Village


Cowshed Bay campsite

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