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Victoria Domain Mountain Bike Park

Victoria Domain in Picton is a 200 hectare reserve featuring a brilliant range of mountain bike trails from easy to advanced.


The Marina to Marina trail is an easy grade trail from Picton to Waikawa Marina.

The trail to the top of the Domain starts at Picton Marina and takes you to the top of the ridge near a water reservoir. From here you can access brilliant views over Queen Charlotte Sound, sit and watch the Cook Strait ferries come and go, and access more challenging trails taking you further along the ridge or back down on the Marina to Marina Trail.

The Trail begins only 500m from the Cook Strait ferry terminals and train station, and there is plenty of nearby accommodation in Picton and the Queen Charlotte Sound.




Beginner to Advanced


Located in Picton with multiple access points: Surrey Street, Sussex Street, Waikawa Road, Leicester Street, Shelly Beach, Picton Marina, Snout Track, Bobs Bay and Endeavour Park.

Shared Pathway Etiquette

1. Keep left.
2. Cyclists should let pedestrians know when they are approaching by politely calling out or ringing a bell when approaching from behind.
3. Cyclists should pass on the right, when possible – unless the pedestrians are on the right in which case pass them in the safest way possible.
4. Cyclists should ride defensively and cycle at a speed that does not put others at risk.

Conditions & closures