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Kanuka Trail

The Kanuka Trail is the latest addition to the many mountain bike trails on Picton's Victoria Domain.

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Starting from the Snout Track carpark, this Grade 2 (intermediate) two-way trail takes mountain bikers on 3.5km journey to the snout peninsula. Along the way, expect to see some brilliant views over Picton and Queen Charlotte Sound so close to the water that you can wave to the passengers on the ferries cruising on past. About 200 meters before you reach the peninsula, the trail joins up with the walking track for the rest of the way (watch out for walkers on this section). 


3.5km each way




The trail starts at the Northern end of the Westside mountain bike trail. To access the Kanuka Trail, you can drive to the snout track carpark via Sussex St in Picton (the last carpark before driving back down the hill) or you can set off on your ride from Picton via the Marina to Reservoir Track, then onto the Ridgeline Track (or via the road).

Once at the snout carpark, you can then choose to take the Snout Track walking/biking section, or the Westside Bike Track (running parallel). After about 700 meters you can then veer onto the Kanuka Trail.