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Your guide to discovering Marlborough’s finest + freshest produce, in season.

For the cultural experience of foraging for your own food, picking your own fruit in a beautiful orchard, taking a “Sunday drive” around our picturesque region and discovering farms with shops, finding those special foods and prices of local foods, fresh from the farm. You can connect with the growers of your food, then eat it in the car, or cook it up for your special gathering of friends and family. Now is the time to discover the wealth our land and sea produces.

Strawberries (Sept – Jan)
Blueberries (Dec- Feb)
Plums (Dec – April)
Figs (March - May)
Feijoas (April - June)
Kiwifruit (April - June)
Olive Oil (All year)
Honey (All year)
Vegetables (All year)
Garlic & Shallots (All year)
Seafood – mussels and clams (All year)

Windsong Orchard
29 Inkerman St, Renwick
Sundays 9-12 at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, A&P Showgrounds, Blenheim. In season.
Family run organic mixed fruit orchard. Biogro organic certified. PYO available late Dec – Feb only. Gate sales all summer.
T: 03 572 8237 C: 021 236 7783 E: windsongorchard@gmail.com
F: @Windsong Orchard I: windsongorchard

Blueberries (Dec- Feb)
Plums (Dec – April)
Feijoas (April-June)
Kiwifruit (April-June)

Daltian Figs
609 New Renwick Road, Fairhall, Blenheim.
Juicy, succulent, fresh figs. Grown, tree-ripened, harvested and packed with love. Premium quality, fresh to you.
T: 03 577 7559 C: 021 137 2741 E: christinejs@xtra.co.nz
Figs (March-May)

Hedgerows Hydroponic Strawberries
205 Old Renwick Road, Springlands, Blenheim
Sundays 9-12 at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, A&P Showgrounds, Blenheim – fresh strawberries only.
Fresh hydroponic strawberries and real fruit ice cream/ frozen yoghurt sold at our farm shop. Relax in our garden seating area. PYO available late-Dec – mid-Jan.
T: 03 578 5268 E: contact@hedgerows.co.nz
f: @hedgerows hydroponic strawberries I: @hedgerowsstrawberries www.hedgerows.co.nz
Strawberries (Sept – Jan)

J. Bush & Sons Ltd (Bush’s Honey)
168 Old Renwick Road, Blenheim Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:00pm
Also available at New World, Pak n Save, Fresh Choice, Bin Inn, Williams Green Grocers, Havelock Four Square
100% locally owned by the Bush family since 1916. Fill your own containers from our factory or visit our local retail partners. Five different local honeys plus beeswax and pollen at the Bush’s site.
T: 03 578 3923 E: bushes.honey@xtra.co.nz
Honey (All year)

Old Road Estate
32 Old Renwick Road, Blenheim
Premium fresh figs and feijoas grown in our family orchard in Marlborough. Available March- May at our roadside stall (season and weather dependent).
C: 027 234 6050 E: hello@oldroadestate.co.nz W: www.oldroadestate.co.nz
I: @oldroadestate F: @oldroadestate #oldroadestate
Figs (March-May)
Feijoas (April-June)

Omega Seafood
Available from Guyton’s fresh seafood, 20 Grove Road, Blenheim. Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm, Sat: 8am – 4pm
Omega Seafood is a family owned and operated business. We produce lightly cooked long-life green-lipped mussels and littleneck clams, which are ready to heat or eat!
T: 03 579 1421 E: lizzie@omegaseafood.com f: @omegaseafood I: @omegaseafood www.omegaseafood.com
Seafood – mussels and clams (All year)

Murphy’s New Zealand - The Garlic and Shallot guys
377 Vickerman St, Grovetown, Blenheim
9am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday (exc. public holidays)
New Zealand’s premier Garlic and Shallot grower. We have a full range of fresh and peeled Garlic and Shallot products available seasonally, as well as our flag ship Murphy’s Black Garlic. Sales also available online.
T: 579 1407 ext. 1 E: sales@garlic.co.nz F: @marlboroughgarlic www.garlic.co.nz
Garlic and Shallots (All year)

River Gold Apiaries
Sundays 9-12 at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, A&P Showgrounds, Blenheim. All year round.
Pure raw honey gathered from the remote inland high country, Awatere Valley, where the bees are mild and the keepers wild. We also sell beeswax wraps, creams and tinctures.
C: 027 229 4886 I: @River Gold Honey www.rivergoldhoney.co.nz
F: @rivergold honey
Honey (All year)

Spudz n Greens
Sundays 9-12 at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, A&P Showgrounds, Blenheim
Fresh and nutritious seasonal vegetables. Root veges, leafy greens, herbs and all colours of the rainbow.
T: 027 578 1759 E: adkdsd@xtra.co.nz F: @spudzngreens
Vegetables (All year)

Isobel Olives
9 Isobel Place, Rarangi 7273, Marlborough
Sundays 9-12, October – May, at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, A&P Showgrounds, Blenheim
Also available “fill your own” at Bin Inn
Isobel Olives produces award winning premium extra virgin olive oil certified by Olives NZ and grown in Marlborough. We also make and sell beeswax wraps, lip balms, healing balm and other skin products. Tasting tours available on request. We offer online sales.
T: 03 570 2177 C: 027 498 5404 E: chris@isobelolives.co.nz f: Isobel Olives I: @IsobelOlives www.isobelolives.co.nz
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (All year)

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