Welton House Garden and Eliza's Garden Cottage

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Located only 5 minutes from Blenheim city, the garden dates back to the late 1800's and is framed by 100 acres of vineyard.

The framework of mature trees has been enhanced in the last decade by international garden designer, Ross Palmer. The planting is modern, using a naturalistic palette of native and exotic - big, bold, perennial borders merge into woodland which seamlessly transitions to the serenity of a fern laden bush. The hot garden on the northern side is filled with sun lovers, juxtaposed by whimsical hedges. Extensive modern hard landscaping harmoniously links the varied plantings. At surprising moments, views of the surrounding ranges and unique artworks are revealed. The house and garden were established on an ancient sand dune giving a unique , elevated view of the Wairau Valley.

Filled with rare horticultural beauties and clever, innovative use of the more commonplace, this garden is a must see for the plant aficionado and anyone with an interest in modern garden design.

The garden is a five star New Zealand National Garden Trust member and has tree specimens registered with Notable Trees of New Zealand. We are proud to offer disabled access.

The garden is open from October to April and is available to view by appointment - telephone or email Wendy to arrange.

10 Staces Road, Grovetown, Blenheim

Phone: 021 323 358 or 03 578 4548

Email: weltonhousgarden@gmail.com

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