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A unique Salt water fly angling and travel company that specializes in remote and exotic fishing destinations within New Zealand and beyond.

Marlborough, being home base, as it is centrally positioned to offer convenience of travel for all our guests visiting this beautifully diverse island nation. Rich cultural experiences with the wide range of option available to explore.

We offer pre-arranged packaged deals, day trips and custom packages to various destinations which offer the best possible angling experiences throughout the year. Seasonally we target various species for sports anglers from all over - hosting adventures as remotely as possible into the South Pacific. Ever changing locations to keep it fresh and always loving finding new prospects.

To see all our unique angling destination - simply read through the blog on the website - There you will find locations explored and set up specifically for the adventure driven soul.

Your host, JP Samuelson is a full time adventurer, photographer and journalist. His background as a life guard and Civil Engineer had him sought out the finer things in Life and now sees him living the lifestyle most can only dream about.

He fully rubs this exact mentally off on you, so be ready to be adsorbed in the enthusiasm for the love of what it is he does. His articles has been widely published around the globe by various publishers online.

This knowledge he has gained through a lifetime of experience on the water as a Captain who lives life by the ocean - It has driven him to success - running this Salt Fly Lifestyles company, solely & totally ocean minded. Respectfully protecting the oceans through advocacy about sustainability.

Competitors cant even compare to this service - free competitive quotes on demand - We are subject to availability. Term & Conditions apply.

Thanks in advance for your interest

Captain JP Samuelson

Southern Pacific Ocean

Phone: +64 21 0577 660


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