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Jade Gems Tours highlight the skills of Local Artisans and Gourmet food producers.
A typical tour will show Honey Bees at work - with suitable protection provided, look into a perspex hive and see the interaction between Queen and worker bees. See the frantic activity around the nursery and learn hope to coax 5 different types of honey out of the hive in a season. We move on to discover the secrets of making Extra Virgin Olive oil from growing the olives, harvest, processing the crop and finally pressing. If desired, we can visit a nut farm to learn the skills of pollinating the trees, harvesting the nuts, sorting, removing the shells, cleaning the nuts and finally pressing out the fragrant oils.
Our next stop will be at a sheep farm - cuddle the lambs in season, but move across to the workshop and learn how to card the raw fleece, spin the fibres into robust wool and even do a spot of knitting. You could even press your own piece of felt.
Visit a brewery to soak in the processes of mixing water with hops and yeast and taste the range of different flavours resulting. At your leisure, wander around the art galleries or visit the artists in their studios. Mix in the Omaka Heritage Aviation Centre
Blenheim Wine Museum
Classic Cars
Brayshaw Heritage Farm Museum
The A and P Market runs every Sunday and
The Blenheim Artisan Market every Saturday

We can work with you to create a tour to encompass all or some of your interests

We can even tailor a Tour to match your identified interests.

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