Recent months have pressure tested people, systems and workflows. Many have found the productivity platforms they use to be lacking. As we move forwards into a period of re-starting our economy, the need for SME’s, in particular, to be supported by platforms that are faster, cheaper, maintenance-free and more secure has now become essential.
Prior to lockdown, many companies such as PwC, Xero, Trademe, Countdown, Stuff.co, Noel Leeming and Laser Plumbing and Laser Electrical had already moved to G Suite to improve collaboration, security and communication amongst team members and to boost productivity and profitability. This trend is also apparent with many smaller businesses and with subsidised staff training available through the Regional Business Partner Network, the transition can be fast, cheap and painless.
Martin Hughes (www.3ml.nz) has been supporting businesses and schools for 15 years, with a relentless focus on making the most profitable workplace behaviours easier to adopt. By simplifying our relationship with technology, productivity becomes the focus, instead of frustration, delay and resource wasting. Within busy organisations, regardless of size, this guarantees 100% uptake so that everyone does an even better job, faster and with much less stress.
Martin is currently working with Callaghan Innovation during their Google migration and has worked with local businesses such as Laser Electrical and StraightupNZ. G Suite has now been named as a Productivity platform that Government agencies can be recommended to use (as detailed in digital.govt.nz website).
As a Google Certified Trainer, Martin delivers learning experiences that are mainly based within G Suite but accommodating other technologies also.

12 Brook Street, Springlands

Phone: 0212228364

Email: martin@3ml.nz

Web: http://www.3ml.nz

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