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Mondo Kopua
Mondo Kopua

“The thing I love about Marlborough, which you see when you cycle it, is the diversity of the landscape. We’ve got high country like up the Awatere Valley, then the Richmond Range, the Marlborough Sounds and all the rivers. Personally I’m an open country, high country farm sort of person. I love getting up in the hills.”

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Hit the road

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My favourite place

The Awatere Valley
Mondo Kopua

 Describe yourself and what you do in 3 words/phrases

Adventurous, Motivated, Fun

Where is your favourite place in Marlborough?

The Awatere Valley. This area is varied and vast in terrain, landscapes, farming practices and options for many outdoor adventures. The native plant species of this ecological catchment are unique and specific to this valley such as the Marlborough Rock Daisy and Native Brooms. Travelling and traversing through the Awatere Valley provides a close up view of the range of land uses from sheep & beef farming, cropping, vineyards, pine nuts, Lake Grassmere salt and high country merinos. Outdoor opportunities from surfing and fishing at the coast at Ward and Marfell Beaches, tramping, hunting,cycling, mountain/alpine activities, paddling the Awatere or Clarence rivers. The open high country offers epic views from the ocean, down country and mountains with Mt Tapuae-O-Uenuku ever present and majestic. 

Our family makes the most of these areas and enjoy exploring them by bike, foot or paddling.
The families and landowners we've met are all very down to earth, friendly and hospitable adding to the character and special feel of this part of Marlborough. 

If you had only 3 days in Marlborough, how would you spend the time?

Family adventure with over-night camping/tenting. Cycle up the Awatere Valley - trek over to the Waihopai Valley - pack raft down Waihopai River - celebrating with great food and Marlborough craft beer.

What makes Marlborough the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts and explorers such as yourself?

Wide range of landscapes and terrain from mountains, high country, bush, rivers and the sea that offers up so many possibilities for various adventures. Easy access, lots of clubs and awesome people to hook up with or help out.

What is your favourite family activity in Marlborough?

Navigation sports - Orienteering and Rogaines.

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