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Lindsay “Parky” Parkinson

"Slowing down has given us an opportunity to enhance the quality of the experience people have when they are here"

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Cellar doors with wine & more

Cellar doors with wine & more

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Make it Marlborough

During lockdown we talked about how the business might change in light of the pandemic, and it was pretty evident that international tourism wasn’t going to be getting back to the pre-Covid levels any time soon.

As a family business, we are all directly involved in decisions around the business, and we are able to adapt and change very quickly as necessary.

Collectively we decided to focus on the restaurant side of the business and developed a morning tea menu to cater for the demand for mid-morning coffee and eats at this end of town.

We’ve also developed a private dining room for groups of up to 10 who want a more intimate dining experience, or for business lunches, seminars, that sort of thing.

In some ways some of the Covid-19 restrictions have actually worked in our favour and reinforced our goal to provide great service and a great experience for our guests.

The host station we added at the front entrance for contract tracing and to control the flow of guests for example, has had the added benefit of raising our level of service and streamlining customer flow.

While we’re inevitably going to have less visitors in Marlborough, we see this as an opportunity to enhance the quality of the experience people have when they are here, by slowing things down, engaging with customers and ensuring they get consistently great service and food.

With it’s wine and food offering, beautiful scenery, good climate and outdoor activities, Marlborough is an easy place for families to holiday and in time, I think we’ll see loads of kiwis taking the opportunity to visit.

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