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We believe travelling is all about finding those cool, hidden spots only the locals know about. Meet some of our real locals who know the region inside out!

Karen Walshe
Karen Walshe

“Marlborough has fantastic scenery and you really get to appreciate that as you’re out on your bike and in among the vineyards. It’s often fine and warm and it’s just lovely to be out there."

top Must Dos

Soak up the view at Brancott Estate

Soak up the view at Brancott Estate

Hire bikes

Taste sauvignon blanc

Walk the Queen Charlotte Track

Yealands Classic Fighters Airshow

Swim in the Pelorus River

Marlborough Farmers’ Market

My favourite place

Wine tours
Wine tours

Describe yourself and what you do in 3 words/phrases.

I own and run Explore Marlborough Wine tours with my partner Andy. We run biking and driving wine tours. Our primary focus are our guided and self-guided biking wine tours of the Marlborough Wine region.

Where is your favourite place in Marlborough?
The Wither Hills farm park

If you had only 3 days in Marlborough, how would you spend the time?
Day 1: I would do a biking wine tour of the wine region.
Day 2: I would do the Ship cove to Furneaux Lodge walk
Day 3: I would spend the morning at Whites bay walking the Black Jack track and enjoying the views of Port underwood and Cook Straight. Then I would spend the afternoon driving the Queen Charlotte Drive before ending in Havelock for a dinner of Greenshell mussels.

Although Marlborough is world famous for our wines, we also have some great local breweries. What’s your favourite way to enjoy a Marlborough brewed beer?

Both Moa and the Vines Village brew bar offer great local beers that we love to try over the winter when we are not having to drive clients home. However they are best enjoyed in the summer at the end of a beautiful Marlborough summers day.

What is it about this region that makes it so Brilliant every day?
Great scenery, fantastic wines, great variety of things to do and wonderful relaxed and friendly people.

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