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We believe travelling is all about finding those cool, hidden spots only the locals know about. Meet some of our real locals who know the region inside out!

Liz & Brad
Liz Buttimore & Bradley Hornby

"The produce is outstanding, the regions scenery is so diversely spectacular and the people are always excited to help you find out secret local spots."

top Must Dos

Cellar doors with wine & more

Cellar doors with wine & more

Marlborough Farmers’ Market

My favourite place

The Wither Hills

Describe yourself and what you do in 3 words/phrases

Surprise, nurture + rally

Where is your favourite place in Marlborough?

There are so many beautiful scenic places we love. But if we are honest, the front lawn of our house with our dog and cat and views out to the Withers.

If you had only 3 days in Marlborough, how would you spend the time?

1. Wine tasting and dining of course. When we go away we research restaurants that offer local produce and try to find local tasting menus like Arbour's.

2. A boat trip in the sounds. We love the Greenshell mussel cruise by Marlborough Tour Company as often out in that arm of the sounds you feel like you have the world to yourself. We have always wanted to do the Pelorus Mail Boat cruise as well.

3. A visit to the Farmers markets. We tend to plan our own holidays based around the days a local markets is operating so we can see the smaller local producers. You can try so many things... but if you have had a lovely morning of sampling buying something from at least one of the vendors is the kind thing to do.

Marlborough is world renowned for it’s Sauvignon Blanc, what is it about the region that makes this variety so stand out?

In general international visitors love the vivacity of a typical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and that really comes down to our terrior. However there is so much diversity a winemaker can show in that grape from fresh, green and tropical to rounded, toasty and subdued fruit. We offer two Sauvignon Blanc by the glass at all times because of this. If a guest isn't in love with the vibrant, fruity typical style we show them something we are likely to drink ourselves like the oak aged, wild fermented, slightly older Sauvignon Blancs.

What is your ideal way to enjoy a glass of Marlborough wine?

We work long hours so our favourite way to enjoy a glass of Marlborough wine is unwinding at home on a Sunday cooking dinner and listening to music.

What is your favourite family activity in Marlborough?

The Omaka Aviation Musuem is something spectacular, especially if it is a flying day. Vines Village have a weekend program for families at great pricing. Otherwise if you are looking for lower cost family outings the Farmers Markets have music and games. Or you can visit Picton Village Bakery and picnic out at one of the bays and watch the ferries come and go. This is a region where you can live so well without always having to spend money. The produce is outstanding, the regions scenery is so diversely spectacular and the people are always excited to help you find out secret local spots.

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