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Abby Scott, Anna Thomas and Kate McNabb

"When we started in business, it was really important to us that we be a part of the community, not just be a practice that people come to for treatment."

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Walks, bike rides and kayaking

Walks, bike rides and kayaking

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Make it Marlborough

During lockdown we worked really hard as a team to convert our entire business from person-to-person to online.

Fortunately our existing system was Telehealth ready so it was a matter of keeping our clients informed, so they knew they could still access treatment via video or phone call.

Business was about 60% down during lockdown, but we still had a very busy work schedule with regular Zoom meetings to keep staff connected and keep tabs on how everyone was doing.

We utilised the skills within our team with a series of online workshops, sharing useful tools and techniques such as meditation and resilience and stress management to help us stay connected and support each other while we were in our own bubbles.

After lockdown we’ve been busier than ever, adding to the team and growing the business. It’s been almost two years since we started Well and Good, and over that time we’ve grown to a team of six physios, two massage therapists, two vocational consultants, a personal trainer, dietitian, psychologist, plus admin staff.

Returning to alert level two was a big shock because it happened so suddenly, but it is easier than last time as we already had all the systems and procedures in place.

At level two or preferred method for seeing clients is online via Telehealth, but are still offering face to face appointments with precautions in place.. And like all health care professionals, we adhere to strict hygienic practises, which include regular santisting, and handwashing and cleaning between clients.

It’s not mandatory to wear a mask, but it’s what the Ministry of Health recommends, and we think it’s wise to follow the advice of experts.

In our experience, most people are being really responsible and staying home if they have symptoms.

When we started in business, it was really important to us that we be a part of the community, not just be a practice that people come to for treatment.

Our holistic approach to health, using a variety of techniques to help people take charge of all aspects of their wellbeing, is also a part of the way we do business.

Sponsoring the Marlborough Women's Triathlon is a big part of that philosophy. It’s a great event that’s accessible and achievable for everyone.

It’s a fun and friendly event, with a really supportive vibe between participants and ticks so many wellbeing boxes.

Through this time of stress and uncertainty we’ve all become more aware of the importance of being outside and being active. Signing up to an event like the Marlborough Women’s Triathlon gives you something to work towards and can help provide the motivation to get moving.

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