Yachting in the Marlborough Sounds
Fishing in the Marlborough Sounds, NZ
Fishing in the Marlborough Sounds
Boating in the Marlborough Sounds
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On the Water

Explore 1500km of winding coastline, secluded bays, historic sites, marine reserves and island sanctuaries, fostering kiwi and other native species.

Beautiful beaches and native bush surround the sunken valleys of water, and every bay beckons. Some can be reached by road, but the only way to really discover the sounds is by water. Kayak, sail or motor your way through the Marlborough Sounds and share in our beautiful treasure.

Cast for kawahai and salmon at the mouth of the Wairau River, or find trout in the tributaries of this beautiful braided river. Pull on your wetsuit to dive for crayfish and paua on Marlboroughs East Coast, in the currents of the Tory Channel and Port Underwood, or out of Okiwi and Elaine Bays to the west.

Go diving in secluded corners of the Queen Charlotte Sound or cast a line for blue cod and snapper in the Kenepuru and Pelorus. Some of Marlborough’s best sea fishing and diving is off d’Urville Island and French Pass, where fishing charters will ensure you find the right spots.

  1. Governors Bay
  2. Flipper Bay
  3. Kumototo Bay
  4. Blumine Island
  5. Ship Cove
  6. Dillon Bell Point
  7. Picton Marina
  8. Havelock Marina
  9. Waikawa Marina
Tash Luxton

Tash Luxton Conservation Kids Picton

“This is paradise. In so many parts of the world you have to be a millionaire to enjoy these things, but everyone can experience it here.”

My insider guide to Marlborough

Kayak Rentals

Kayak rentals are available for those who want the freedom to explore where and when they want.

Just one day

There are plenty of great day kayak trips you can do, perhaps visiting Governors Bay (7km from Picton) and Ngaukuta (8km from Picton), or paddling three hours to Pipi Beach from Havelock.

Multi day trips

In the inner Pelorus, you could kayak from Havelock to Pipi Beach (3 hours, 15km), Pipi Beach to Nydia Bay (3hours, 8km), Nydia Bay to Jacobs Bay (2hours, 9.5km) and Jacobs Bay to Tawero Point. (1-2hours, 6km).

Or head out from Waikawa to Ngaruru Bay to camp, going from there to the Perano Whaling Station and back to Ngaruru for another night. On your third day, either return direct to Waikawa or spend another night out, stopping at Ratimera Bay for the night.


For the best information, get in touch with one of the companies below. Kayak rental businesses can help you plan your trip, and can advise on the best route depending on weather conditions and your abilities, and will ensure that beginners have a good grounding in kayak safety before setting off.

Main photo by Marlborough Sounds Adventure Company

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