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Embark on a transformative, collective experience with other state care survivors at our "State Care Wananga," Long forgotten, this is place for survivors, by survivors.

Why Attend Our Wananga?
Our wananga stand out as a beacon of hope and renewal and is uniquely survivors led. Here, participants can immerse themselves in a nurturing environment that prioritizes mental wellness, cultural reconnection, and personal development. This is not just a meeting, it is profound experience that cultivates resilience, self-awareness, and community ties.

What Makes Our Wananga Unique?

Cultural Reconnection: As part of our commitment to honoring the identities of our participants, especially Māori and Pasifika communities, our workshops include cultural education sessions that help you reconnect with your roots, celebrating heritage as a source of strength.

Information Sessions: Practical information sessions on resources available to survivors such as claims and counselling.

Community and Support:
You’re not just attending a workshop; you’re joining a community. Our wananga foster a supportive network of peers and professionals. Here, everyone is committed to supporting each other, sharing experiences, and building lasting relationships that extend beyond the workshop days.

Food and Accommodation:
Nutritious Meals Provided: We ensure that all participants are provided with delicious meals throughout the wananga. Catering includes options that cater to various dietary needs, ensuring that you can focus on your experience without worry.

Accommodation on Marae: For participants traveling from afar or those who wish to immerse fully in the experience, accommodation is available on the marae. This not only provides a place to stay but also enriches your experience

Schedule and Accessibility:
Accessible Venues: All venues are chosen for their accessibility to ensure that everyone can participate comfortably and fully.

Join Us:
Whether you are a state care survivor looking to heal and grow, or someone passionate about supporting this community, our wananga offer something incredibly valuable. This is not just a workshop; It is a stepping stone to a new, empowered life.

Experience the change with us. Register today and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future. You deserve to heal, to grow, and to thrive. To register complete the link below, or email us on or look us on Facebook.
26 - 28 July
Waikawa Marae
210 Waikawa Road Picton Marlborough
Fri 26 Jul 2024
4:30PM - 11:59PM
Sun 28 Jul 2024
12:00AM - 12:00PM

Free event
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