Awatere Awesome Engines Fair - Steam Train & Engines

Sun 5 Feb

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When: Sun 5 Feb, 9:45am - 3:00pm

Venue: The Station

Website: Seddon's Market on The Green Facebook page

Additional Info: All Ages

The Marlborough Flyer is coming to town... TWICE!

Watch the train arrive, enjoy the market, check out all the attractions!

- Steam train arrival & departures (9:50-10:50 and 2-3pm)
- Vintage Car Club
- Seddon Fire Brigade
- Farrier display - blacksmithing and shoeing a horse
- Ron Hebbard's Motorbike & Sewing Machine Museum (entrance fee may apply)

The Train will bring passengers to enjoy an hour in the middle of Seddon, so come and enjoy the party!

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