Awatere Awesome Engines Fair - Steam Train & Engines

Sun 9 Oct

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When: Sun 9 Oct, 10:30am - 3:00pm

Venue: The Station

Website: Seddon's Market on The Green Facebook page

Additional Info: All Ages

The Marlborough Flyer is coming to town... TWICE!

Watch the train arrive, enjoy the market, check out all the attractions!

- Steam train arrival & departures
- Vintage Car Club
- Seddon Fire Brigade
- Farrier display - blacksmithing and shoeing a horse
- Ron Hebbard's Motorbike & Sewing Machine Museum (entrance fee may apply)

The Train will bring passengers to enjoy an hour in the middle of Seddon, so come and enjoy the party!

Train schedule and final date in October 2022 to be confirmed.

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