Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge

Fri 23 Oct - Sat 21 Nov

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Port Marlborough Pavilion, Endeavour Park View this venue

When: Fri 23 Oct, 12:00am
Sat 24 Oct, 12:00am
Sun 25 Oct, 12:00am
Mon 26 Oct, 12:00am
Tue 27 Oct, 12:00am
Wed 28 Oct, 12:00am
Thu 29 Oct, 12:00am
Fri 30 Oct, 12:00am
Sat 31 Oct, 12:00am
Sun 1 Nov, 12:00am
Mon 2 Nov, 12:00am
Tue 3 Nov, 12:00am
Wed 4 Nov, 12:00am
Thu 5 Nov, 12:00am
Fri 6 Nov, 12:00am
Sat 7 Nov, 12:00am
Sun 8 Nov, 12:00am
Mon 9 Nov, 12:00am
Tue 10 Nov, 12:00am
Wed 11 Nov, 12:00am
Thu 12 Nov, 12:00am
Fri 13 Nov, 12:00am
Sat 14 Nov, 12:00am
Sun 15 Nov, 12:00am
Mon 16 Nov, 12:00am
Tue 17 Nov, 12:00am
Wed 18 Nov, 12:00am
Thu 19 Nov, 12:00am
Fri 20 Nov, 12:00am
Sat 21 Nov, 12:00am - 11:55pm

Venue: Port Marlborough Pavilion, Endeavour Park

Website: Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge

Booking Website: Buy Tickets

Additional Info: All Ages

The ‘Marlborough Mount Everest Challenge’ is a run/walk event where the goal is to travel the elevation of Mount Everest (8800 m) in the time that it took Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 (7 weeks). We aim to encourage local people to not only utilise the amazing local walking tracks that Marlborough has to offer, but to get fit while doing so. The tracks chosen will allow participants to accomplish the goal by running or walking the Tirohanga track 36 times or the Mt Vernon Track 25 times during the 7 week period. The event will be run from 3rd October to the 21st November 2020.

You can do it solo or as part of a team to help motivate each other. Get your family, friends and work colleagues to join your team. Put the challenge out there and see what you and your team can achieve.

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