Whale Watching Tour 2017

Wed 28 Jun - Thu 20 Jul

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When: Wed 28 Jun, 8:00am
Thu 29 Jun, 8:00am
Fri 30 Jun, 8:00am
Sat 1 Jul, 8:00am
Sun 2 Jul, 8:00am
Mon 3 Jul, 8:00am
Tue 4 Jul, 8:00am
Wed 5 Jul, 8:00am
Thu 6 Jul, 8:00am
Fri 7 Jul, 8:00am
Sat 8 Jul, 8:00am
Sun 9 Jul, 8:00am
Mon 10 Jul, 8:00am
Tue 11 Jul, 8:00am
Wed 12 Jul, 8:00am
Thu 13 Jul, 8:00am
Fri 14 Jul, 8:00am
Sat 15 Jul, 8:00am
Sun 16 Jul, 8:00am
Mon 17 Jul, 8:00am
Tue 18 Jul, 8:00am
Wed 19 Jul, 8:00am
Thu 20 Jul, 8:00am

Venue: E-Ko Tours

Website: E-Ko Tours New Zealand Ltd

Booking Website: Buy Tickets

Pricing: $145.00

Contact phone: 00 64 3 573 8040

Additional Info: R16

A fantastic opportunity for a limited number of people to fully immerse in a whale experience during an annual migration, see and feel the history, see conservation in action and go out to sea in a boat looking for the migrating giants travelling on the surface close to shore.

- Cruise to the historic Perano Whaling Station
- See and touch actual machinery used during New Zealand's whaling era
- Experience a specially commissioned audio-visual whaling presentation in the whaler's old recreation building
- Hear how the whalers changed from hunters to conservationists
- Help to find a whale with binoculars and whale ID cards, onboard our fully covered and stable vessel
- See majestic migrating baleen whales as they travel on the surface close to shore

Price: $145pp ($50 refund if no whale is sighted)

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