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Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis

It is great fun sharing with my family and friends the great things that Marlborough has to offer.

top Must Dos

Sounds sunset by water

Marlborough Sounds sunset. Photo: Phillip Webby

Visit Ship Cove

Compare vineyard sub-regions

Walk the Queen Charlotte Track

Set sail in the Sounds

My favourite place

Marlborough Sounds
Marlborough Sounds

Marlborough is a secret, only a short plane ride or a ferry trip from Wellington. The diverse range of things to do in Marlborough menas it is an attractive destination for so many people of every age.

As a child I recall holidays catching the ferry to Picton, staying at Waikawa Bay, spending time on the Picton waterfront and in the paddling pool with the Disney characters which are still there today.

I have enjoyed the expansive Marlborough Sounds from the comfort of yachts, launches and lodges. The huge coastline provides so many places to ensure the peace and quiet of a beach or the beautiful native bush.

Vineyards, cafes and restaurants of Marlborough provide another opportunity to kick back, forget the worries of the world and enjoy amazing food and wine in outstanding surroundings in every season.

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